In what is a not-so-happy ending for The Client List, Lifetime has canceled the drama—in which Jennifer Love-Hewitt starred as a single mom massage therapist who balanced her home life with giving handjobs—after only two seasons. It’s a premature climax for the show, which started off proudly pointing the way toward a future of racier fare for Lifetime, and soon swelled with media attention around its risqué subject matter. However, the show began showing signs of trouble with its staying power after Love-Hewitt revealed she was pregnant, then began saying she wanted her character to be pregnant as well, leaving producers unsure whether they could be up for that—even though some producers find pregnant characters to be sexier, and some even kind of have a thing for it. And so, after a prolonged tug of war, the whole thing reached a rather sad, messy finish for the network to clean up, leaving nothing but shame and embarrassment all around.

Ha ha, this was a show about handjobs.