Bridging the gap between the network's women-in-peril past and the strong-female-leads-and-masturbation of The Client List, Lifetime is developing Clarice, a Silence Of The Lambs spinoff that milks the Thomas Harris franchise for Lifetime's own greedy self-gratification, no matter how spent and exhausted it may be. This, of course, arrives in the wake of NBC making its own plans for Bryan Fuller's Hannibal, a Lambs prequel that follows the narrowly defined early days of the cannibal psychiatrist as he aids and occasionally eats the police. Lifetime's version will drag out the similarly already-inferred story immediately following Lambs by turning it into a standard crime procedural, picking up Clarice Starling's story once she graduates from the FBI academy and moves on to tracking other killers without being dragged down by the series' far more interesting character. ("This reminds me of the time I was having a particularly fascinating tête à tête with Dr. L—," Clarice will start to flashback, only to be interrupted time and again by a sudden phone call.) The onus is now on Animal Planet to create a series exploring the dog's-eye-view of Buffalo Bill's dog Precious.