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Lifetime to Drop Dead Diva: Drop dead, Drop Dead Diva

Illustration for article titled Lifetime to emDrop Dead Diva/em: Drop dead, emDrop Dead Diva/em

Lifetime, the network for women and the shitty things that always befall them, has opted to put an end to Drop Dead Diva, its dramedy about a superficial, aspiring model who dies and finds herself reincarnated as a smart, plus-sized attorney, and then the learning happens. The show—clichéd and ridiculous in every element, right down to its court cases—has nevertheless been defended as frothy good fun, its core stupidity (like that of its protagonist) ameliorated greatly by its being buried inside a decent cast. The ratings certainly bear that out, with the show averaging over 2 million viewers since premiering in 2009—even during the season that saw Kim Kardashian brought on as a recurring guest star in a shameless grab for attention. But as Deadline reports, its cancellation is more evidence that Lifetime is increasingly moving toward “edgier fare,” inspired by the success of The Client List, and as seen in its considering of projects such as the Silence Of The Lambs spinoff Clarice. Perhaps if Drop Dead Diva could have worked the case of a serial killer, then given him a handjob, she’d still be alive.


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