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Lifetime to adapt Stephen King’s Big Driver with Maria Bello

The Lifetime Original Movie Monster has set its sights on an adaptation of Stephen King’s Big Driver—an uplifting, very Lifetime-esque story about a successful novelist who’s brutally raped by a trucker, then seeks revenge against him using the detective skills she’s only written about. Maria Bello will play said novelist; Joan Jett will also be there for some reason, though we can’t figure out who she’s supposed to be playing.

Big Driver was originally published as part of King’s 2010 collection Full Dark, No Stars, and is neither a story nor a novel but that hybridization chillingly termed “a novella.” Multiple independent filmmakers have tried to bring the story to screen, because the rights for the story were available so long as the film was not-for-profit. Lifetime, presumably, intends to profit. The Lifetime Original Movie Monster has to eat, after all.

Production is to begin this summer in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The network is aiming for a fall premiere.

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