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Lifetime "steals" Project Runway from Bravo

Following today's surprise announcement that its Bravo shingle lost flagship series Project Runway to Lifetime, NBC has filed suit in the New York Supreme Court against production house The Weinstein Company seeking to invalidate the sale. The "network for women" stunned Bravo executives by announcing that it has signed a five-year deal with Runway producers to take over the show—with the sixth season launching on Lifetime this November—a move that the network has characterized as illegal: A spokesperson for NBC says that the suit claims Weinstein didn't give NBC proper notice that another party had offered a bid for Runway, and thus "they've been sold stolen goods." The fifth season of Runway, meanwhile, is still set to air on Bravo this summer, before (provided the sale is allowed to go through) it makes the jump to Lifetime, where we presume it will be given all new challenges such as "Amnesiac Prom" and "Give Delta Burke Her Dignity Back" to help it fit in.


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