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Lifetime renews unREAL into 2019

(Photo: James Dittiger/Lifetime)

Assuring fans that it’s only bringing the show back for all the right reasons, Lifetime has announced that it’s renewing its scripted series unREAL for a fourth season. Per Variety, the news comes almost bizarrely early; the show’s third season isn’t scheduled to come out until 2018, after being massively delayed from an assumed summer release. But, we imagine, when things are right between a TV network and its biggest scripted success story, you just have to take the plunge.

Set on a fictionalized dating show patterned on the Bachelor franchise of products. unREAL lost some steam in its second season (despite critics’ continued appreciation for Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer in its lead parts). That being said, it’s not like the Bachelor shows haven’t been serving up depressingly huge mountains of new material for the series‘ writers of late, so we assume the series will be freshly reinvigorated with absolutely awful human behavior when it returns for its next two seasons.


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