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Lifetime is making an Omen TV series for you, Damien—it's all for you

Illustration for article titled Lifetime is making an iOmen /iTV series for you, Damien—its all for you

As producers remain possessed by the need to take over the bodies of some of the scariest movies ever made, a TV version of The Omen is now set to join the likes of Rosemary’s Baby, a series based on The Exorcist, and Friday The 13th in the bid to become the next Hannibal (or, at least, the next Bates Motel). The Hollywood Reporter says that former Walking Dead showrunner Glen Mazzara is developing a sequel to the 1976 horror classic for Lifetime titled Damien, which will pick up with an adult Damien Thorn who’s only now coming to terms with his dad—a dad who just happens to be the devil—in a story that Omen III: The Final Conflict didn’t cover sufficiently, apparently. Damien will then find himself involved in “a series of macabre events,” like so many Lifetime viewers who are just trying to be good wives and mothers.


In addition to working on Walking Dead, Mazzara also created Crash for Starz and recently wrote the Shining prequel The Overlook Hotel, so he has plenty of experience with unnecessary follow-ups. For Lifetime, the project marks a continued move away from its “Television For Women” slate, toward its new “Television For Women Who Don’t Have Enough To Worry About, So Did You Ever Wonder If Your Baby Is The Antichrist?”

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