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Lifetime is making a TV movie about Aaliyah

Never a network to pass up the chance to glorify the death of a pretty young woman, Lifetime is making a movie about Aaliyah to go with its upcoming dramatized take on Whitney Houston. Though the singer died about 13 years ago, the “network for women” is only now cashing in on the tragedy by adapting Christopher Farley’s (no, not that Chris Farley’s) book Aaliyah: More Than A Woman. The film, Aaliyah: Princess Of R&B will air this fall, depicting the singer’s rise to fame before her death in a tragic plane crash—and hopefully, some stuff in between, like her ill-advised, underage marriage to R. Kelly. It will star another singularly named entity, Zendaya, who has both released her own album and starred in several Disney Channel series, including Shake It Up! and the upcoming K.C. Undercover. Aaliyah Productions, Inc. is producing, meaning it’s presumably been sanctioned by at least one member of the late singer’s family.

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