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Lifetime fast-tracks movie about Prince William and Kate Middleton

Before its even happened, the impending marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton is already getting the Lifetime Original Movie treatment: The obviously fast-tracked William And Kate, set to premiere around their April 29 wedding date, aims to tell the “modern-day fairytale romance” of how the second-in-line heir to the throne met an upper-middle-class girl and spent the next nine years courting her—which was doubtlessly difficult, given the media scrutiny and pressure from the Royal Family. (“Good heavens! You’re dating a commoner!”) Nico Evers-Swindell has already been cast as Prince William, while Ben Cross will play Prince Charles. The role of Kate has yet to be cast, but given that it’s a Lifetime movie, the frontrunners are most-likely Tori Spelling, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, or Meredith Baxter.


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