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Christians everywhere know that the Bible tells of Jesus as a babe in a manger, and as a precocious child who wanders into the temple. Then the Gospels do a Desperate Housewives-style time jump to a 30-year-old Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist, before spending the rest of his life spreading the good word to his flock. But for millenia, Christians everywhere have wondered, what happens during that time jump? What did Jesus do when he was younger, and more idealistic?

Finally we'll have answers, and from an unlikely source. Lifetime, hoping to replicate the success of sister network History's miniseries The Bible, is exploring the Prince of Peace's aimless twentysomething years with The One, from the same producer as Hatfields & McCoys. Picture Girls, but with no sex, nudity, cursing, drug use… actually there's pretty much nothing on Girls that Jesus would do, so maybe that's not the best comparison.

But Lifetime's upcoming movie aims to explore a part of Jesus' life that virtually nothing is known about. So that should either attract a huge audience among devout Christians, or cries of "blasphemy" and a huge backlash among devout Christians. Then again, History is developing a miniseries where young Jesus spends his twenties as an exorcist, so this is pretty much guaranteed to be more respectful by comparison.


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