Liev Schreiber has an intense, cerebral version of smarm—like if a bottle of Macallan had deeply held opinions about Shakespeare, and you were afraid to leave it alone with your girlfriend—and now he will cram those qualities into the small screen by starring in the new Showtime pilot Ray Donovan. Created by Southland’s Ann Biderman, the “dark family drama” stars Schreiber as the title character, a professional “fixer” who helps his rich and famous L.A. clients solve their confidential, controversial problems, yet can’t seem to “fix” anything in his own family, because that is how irony works. The show marks Schreiber’s first official series job (save for that brief fill-in stint on CSI) and at least the fifth such “fixer” show headed to television that we’re aware of, including Shonda Rhimes’ crisis-management show, NBC's Elmore Leonard adaptation, that FX series with Eddie Izzard, and even House Of Lies, which Showtime has apparently already forgotten it owns. (Or then again, considering it’s long been the network of “characters with a secret,” perhaps Showtime is ready to move on to “characters with a secret who need other characters to solve it”?) Pretty soon there will be more "fixers" on TV than there are in the real world.