The Sid and Marty Krofft series Lidsville—a never-ending acid nightmare where a child is relentlessly terrorized by giant talking hats and a green Charles Nelson Reilly, and is ultimately consigned to an eternity of fear and solitude in a land where said talking hats talk almost solely in hat puns, not that you can hear them over your silent screams—will be adapted into a feature for DreamWorks in extra-horrifying 3-D. Like the original show, the big-screen Lidsville is being targeted squarely at innocent kids who will never be the same again, with Marty Krofft saying that they had learned their lesson from the failed cross-generational appeals and teen-baiting boob grabs from 2009’s Land Of The Lost, and that Lidsville would have “no messing around, going after that audience. We can’t have any confusion, and we won’t have here.” There's no indication in the article whether Krofft was tenting his fingers ominously while he said this, or whether he punctuated his words by producing a stiletto and plunging it symbolically into the eye of a baby doll, but let's just assume. It’s yet to be determined whether this new Lidsville will be fully animated or also incorporate live action, with producers still working out which would be most psychologically damaging.