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Licensed To Ill returns to the Billboard Top 20 as Beastie Boys sales skyrocket in the wake of Adam Yauch's death

Ever since the untimely death of Adam Yauch last week, tributes of all kinds have been poring in from all corners of the media and Internet. This has also, not surprisingly, tremendously helped out sales of Beastie Boys albums and songs, which are up an incredible 1,235 percent and 949 percent respectively. Seven different Beastie Boys albums are currently in the Billboard 200 albums chart, with Licensed To Ill ranking highest at No. 18 with 19,000 sold (up 802 percent from the previous week). Solid Gold Hits (at No. 51) and Paul's Boutique (at No. 56) also placed in the top half of the chart.

Song-wise, the biggest seller was "Brass Monkey," which lands at No. 48 with 14,000 downloads, followed by "(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!), "No Sleep Till Brooklyn," and "Sabotage." [via Billboard]

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