Alisha Brophy and Scott Miles (Photo: Getty Images/WireImage, JB Lacroix)

According to Deadline, screenwriters Alisha Brophy and Scott Miles have been hired by 20th Century Fox to develop a female-led remake of the 1988 Corey Haim/Feldman comedy License To Drive. The original movie is about a teenager who fails his driving test, but he takes his dad’s prized Cadillac for a joyride anyway in an attempt to impress his girlfriend (played by Heather Graham). Being an ‘80s comedy about teens, things go pretty poorly from there, and everybody has wild adventures where they learn about life and love. Weirdly, the Deadline story says that this remake is “being described as the female version of Superbad,” even though it’s already literally the female version of License To Drive.

Brophy and Miles have previously been attached to write the adaptation of White Girl Problems, so they’re clearly a go-to team these days for comedies like this.