The Empire Strikes Back

There has been a lot of exciting Star Wars news over the last few days, but this might be the most exciting thing yet: irrefutable proof that Yoda existed in medieval France. Julian Harrison, a curator for the British Library, made the shocking discovery—as reported by The Telegraph—when he was examining a manuscript that dates back to the 14th century for his Medieval Manuscripts blog. Ostensibly depicting the biblical story of Samson, the document in question shows a robed man with greenish skin, big ears, long hair, and claw-like hands. It is, without a doubt, Yoda.


Alright, so that’s pretty far from irrefutable, but Harrison himself isn’t sure who or what the character is supposed to be. He says it’s obviously not Yoda, just a thing that looks like Yoda, but we think he’s just covering up for the fact that Yoda’s existence in medieval France throws everything we know about history into disarray. This proves that Star Wars is real, and that there were Jedi walking around in France a few hundred years ago. That’s a pretty monumental revelation, and the impact it will have on how we think about the world around us is almost impossible to overstate.

For example, does this mean that midi-chlorians are also real? Is Harrison Ford a distant descendant of the real Han Solo, and if so, how does Indiana Jones play into that? Also, was the real Jar Jar as goofy as the one in the movies, or did George Lucas just make him into more of a caricature for the sake of comic relief? Hopefully, Star Wars: The Force Awakens will answer some of these questions, and if you want to see what other fictional characters really existed in medieval France, the entire Yoda manuscript is viewable online.