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Liar Liar finally gets the serious, scholarly criticism it deserves

Photo: Universal Pictures

Filmmaker, actor, and seasoned movie buff Kentucker Audley has consistently amused us with his satirical video essays, the likes of which include a celebration of the “cutting edge” use of close-ups in Powder and Pleasantville’s “excellent themes.” What makes his latest video essay on the 1997 Jim Carrey comedy Liar Liar one of his best is that it barely justifies its own existence.

In his token, NPR-esque monotone, Audley pretty much just explains the movie’s conceit—a lawyer who lies a lot loses the ability to lie after his son makes a wish—shows some clips, and describes the scene where Carrey comments on a woman’s breasts as “iconic.” It’s basically a movie trailer with spoilers, but Audley’s mock pretension elevates it to a delightful subversion of internet criticism.


On the other hand: That scene where he throws his shoe at an airplane is powerful stuff.

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