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Liam Neeson's particular set of skills does not include talking about football

Liam Neeson has spent the past week obligingly touring the press circuit, like a man forced by circumstance to hunt down sex traffickers or wolves or wolves who are also sex traffickers. He's played an audience of one while Jon Stewart worked on his stand-up, stripped mostly naked for a dunk tank on Ellen, and impersonated Real Housewives Of New Jersey's Teresa Giudice for the amusement of Bravo's Andy Cohen. But while he undertook all of these assignments with grim, Liam Neeson-like fortitude, a man can only be pushed so far, and he finally reached his limit on ESPN's SportsCenter today.

Apparently asked on with the assumption that he would be ready and willing to discuss the Jets based on his having been to one of their games, Neeson responded first with a blank stare, followed by a request to "start again." After learning it was live TV, Neeson dropped an "oh shit," then honestly, affably admitted he'd only ever been to two American football games in his life and didn't even understand the rules yet. The anchor apparently tried salvaging the segment by asking him about Tim Tebow, to which Neeson replied, "You're speaking ancient Arabic to me" before punching him in the throat and calmly striding out of there. Or everything but the throat punch, as life is unfortunately not a Liam Neeson movie. [via Deadspin]


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