Now that you’ve had a few hours to come to terms with Mel Gibson not being allowed to breathe Galifianakis air on The Hangover 2, are you ready to find out who his replacement is? Variety says it will be Liam Neeson, stepping in at the invitation of his A-Team co-star Bradley Cooper, and taking over the role of a Bangkok tattoo artist in the film's apparently obligatory celebrity cameo. Wow, who knew Liam Neeson hated women? Har har. Okay, granted, that was a cheap joke. (The guy lost his wife, after all.) The truth is, unlike Gibson or Mike Tyson, Neeson was picked precisely because he’s about as noncontroversial as it gets—and besides, Neeson said he “laughed my leg off” at the first film. See? Liam Neeson is so morally upstanding, he won’t even say “ass.” This is going to work out fine, just fine.