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Liam Neeson will have a particular set of equestrian skills in The Trainer

Photo: Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

After years of focusing on rescuing his fictional family members from bad guys, Liam Neeson is taking yet another step back into the world of prestige drama. Deadline reports that Neeson will star in The Trainer, a new movie from The Crying Game director Neil Jordan. Neeson will play a walled-off man in Ireland whose life is upended by a teenaged refugee named Nadya and a horse. The equine, called Allabelle, “is about to prove that they may all have one race left inside of them,” according to Deadline. Neeson and Jordan have worked together before on films including Breakfast On Pluto and Michael Collins.

This year sees Neeson in two non-action roles. He appears in Martin Scorsese’s highly anticipated Silence, which follows persecuted priests in Japan, and in A Monster Calls, about a boy who takes lessons from a talking tree monster—yes, Neeson—while his mother dies of cancer.


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