Taken 3

Just when you thought Liam Neeson had gotten out of the “getting revenge in movies” business, the hum of a Hiniker has lured him back. Empire Magazine reports that cinema’s avenging angel has signed on to do what he does best—maiming and killing bad dudes, reluctantly at first, but then with increasing determination—in Hard Powder. Directed by Hans Petter Moland, the film will star Neeson as Nels, a Colorado snowplow driver who’s also a Citizen Of The Year. He’ll set all that upstanding stuff aside to avenge his son’s murder at the hands of a “well-dressed, vegan, Native American mafia boss” who drives a Tesla (someone was trying to hit a diversity bingo there).

The film is an adaptation of 2014’s In Order Of Disappearance, a Norwegian black comedy that Moland also directed. It sounds like it’ll be more humorous than the grittier revenge fare Neeson’s grown accustomed to; if you don’t believe us, check out this synopsis: “Fueled by an unwavering drive for vengeance and armed with heavy machinery, this unlikely hero sets out to dismantle the cartel with extreme prejudice, and he’s not stopping until he gets to the top of the food chain.” Our hat’s off to the marketing person who just went nuts with that description. And Neeson could probably use the break; he’s made three Taken movies, and he’s also signed up for a fourth action flick with Jaume Collet-Sera.


Filming for Hard Powder begins this March.