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Liam Neeson is attached to start in The Revenger, a new movie from Universal Pictures based on an idea by The Stateā€™s Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant. The pair will write the movieā€™s script, with Zombielandā€™s Ruben Fleisher set to direct.

As Deadline notes, what the movieā€™s actually about is being kept ā€œunder wraps,ā€ though based on its kickass title and creative team, it could be a comedic take on the Taken moviesā€”or just something in which Neeson plays a slightly funny but totally badass character hell-bent on revenging. And, assuming Neeson wasnā€™t just running his mouth this past spring, it could be one of the actorā€™s last action movies before he stops both kicking ass and taking names.


Lennon and Garant wrote all three Night At The Museum movies, as well as Hell Baby, Herbie: Fully Loaded, Letā€™s Go To Prison, Balls Of Fury, The Pacifier, and all iterations of Reno 911. The two are also the executive producers of @Midnight, and Lennon plays Felix Unger on CBSā€™s The Odd Couple.