If what you have is a very particular set of skills, skills you have acquired over a very long career—skills like familiarity with SQL databases and proficiency in Microsoft Office—then 20th Century Fox and LinkedIn, on behalf of the upcoming Taken 3, have a contest for you. In a YouTube video announcing the contest, Liam Neeson, in character as Bryan Mills, the retired CIA agent he plays in the Taken film series, explains that he will send the winner a video of himself endorsing the “particular set of skills” he or she has listed on LinkedIn. Any U.S. resident 18 or older who follows the official Taken 3 page on LinkedIn will automatically be entered; the winner will be chosen “based on their fit with Bryan Mills and his Security International team.”

As if that weren’t enough to spawn hundreds of embarrassingly earnest LinkedIn profile updates from dudes who work in IT and collect swords, the official contest rules say that profiles will be judged “100 percent for their uniqueness.” The period for entry closes on December 23. For anyone not interested in the competition aspect of the contest, we would note that it remains as simple as ever to anonymously send a video of Liam Neeson saying, “I will find you, and I will kill you” to the guy in your office who still quotes Borat during meetings.