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Liam Gallagher releases “Wall Of Glass,” the first single from his solo debut

(Photo: Chris Williamson/Getty Images)

A few months ago, former Beady Eye and Oasis singer Liam Gallagher announced that he was finally striking out on his own, announcing that his first solo album, As You Were, would arrive this October. Now, Gallagher has dropped the first single from the album, “Wall Of Glass,” complete with an accompanying video:

And while the video contains a bit of perhaps unearned menace—including shots of Gallagher leering at the camera in a way we can only describe as “Willem Dafoe-esque”—the music is a pretty recognizable evolution of Gallagher’s Britpop roots. Of course, the real fun of As You Were is going to be digging through the album to figure out which bits are about his hated “potato” of a brother, Noel, and which are just Liam’s generalized anger at the world. Hopefully, “Wall Of Glass” will tide Oasis archaeologists over with these questions until the full album arrives this fall.


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