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Liam Gallagher is now suing Noel Gallagher

When we spoke to Liam Gallagher back in March, he seemed committed to moving on with “Beady Eye music, mate” in the light of his break with Oasis and brother Noel Gallagher. But apparently there are some old, raw wounds caused by the band’s dissolution that Liam thinks can be fixed with a legal remedy. Liam is suing Noel “for statements he made during the Electric Cinema press conference on July 6 during which he claimed Oasis pulled out of the 2009 V Festival Chelmsford gig because I had a hangover," he said in a statement today. "That is a lie and I want Oasis fans, and others who were at V, to know the truth."

Liam is also upset that Noel allegedly “falsely stated that the demise of Oasis followed a massive row in which he claimed I demanded to advertise my clothing range Pretty Green in the Oasis tour program. The truth is there was no such discussion or row between us. There are many reasons why Oasis split. But it had nothing to do with my clothing range."


The point of the lawsuit isn’t money, Liam insists, but an apology, which he wants from his brother. Noel hasn’t commented on this yet, and we can’t wait until he does. [Via Rolling Stone]

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