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Last year, former Oasis frontman/current Beady Eye leader Liam Gallagher announced the next step in his ongoing quest to emulate every aspect of The Beatles’ career: Following George Harrison’s footsteps into the world of film production. Gallagher’s inaugural production job would, naturally, be The Longest Cocktail Party, an adaptation of Richard DiLello’s memoir about the demise of The Fab Four and the bacchanalian atmosphere surrounding the band’s Apple Records headquarters. Many (The A.V. Club included) were skeptical of the project’s chances at becoming a reality, but they’re getting better all the time, apparently: The Playlist reports that British screenwriter Jesse Armstrong (In The Loop, Four Lions) has written a script, and Michael Winterbottom (who guided a previous cinematic vision of British musical pioneers behaving badly, 24 Hour Party People) is attached to direct and co-produce. Now all that remains is for Winterbottom to become magically un-busy—he’s engaged through 2012—something which his producing partner Andrew Eaton suggests could be achieved through the sheer power of Gallagher’s impatience. “Liam’s great to work with, because he wants everything to happen tomorrow,” he told The Playlist. “Because he’s not from the film business, he’s basically going ‘Why can’t we do it right now?’ It’s very inspiring.”


Of course, if the ants in Gallagher’s pants aren’t suddenly able to get production on The Longest Cocktail underway, he’d do well to consult Martin Scorcese’s George Harrison: Living In The Material World for other non-musical, Harrisonian pursuits. Perhaps Gallagher could take up having his wife stolen by Eric Clapton or complaining about the  British tax structure while he waits on Winterbottom. [Vulture]

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