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Fresh off of a documentary that seemed to be all about how much of a dick he is and how much he enjoys his reputation as a dick, Liam Gallagher—who used to be in a famous band with some guy he hates—has formally announced his second solo album. As reported by Billboard, Gallagher has confirmed that the album will be available on September 20, and he also confirmed that it’s going to have a pretty funny, self-aware title: Why Me? Why Not. (with the period and everything).


That Instagram photo features a clip from “Shockwave,” the first single off of Why Me? Why Not., which you can see the fiery music video for at the bottom of this post. Billboard also says that Gallagher has explained that every track on the album was co-written by him, Greg Kurstin, and Andrew Wyatt because he wanted them to be “better” than what he could do by himself. “I know my strengths and I know my limitations,” he added, admitting that he’s a fine songwriter but a “great singer and frontman.” You know, it’s a shame that Liam Gallagher doesn’t have, say, a brother who is also a singer and songwriter, because it seems like he recognizes that he works better when he has someone to bounce ideas off of. Oh well.

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