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The Polish division of LG, a massive electronics corporation that we have to assume generates enough profit to hire decent advertising firms, recently released a commercial for one of its new phones that touts how good it is at taking upskirt photos.

No, really. It didn’t take long until people saw the ad and pointed out that it’s terrible—something anyone who bothered to look up from the pages of the Spike TV manifesto should’ve noticed before the spot was thought up, filmed, and approved for use in a national brand campaign. In it, a guy dressed up in Bad Grandpa prosthetics aims his LG smartphone camera upward as a woman in a skirt climbs a set of stairs. The woman notices, turns around to grab the supposedly old man’s (LG!) phone, but doesn’t find his sex offender gallery because the (LG!) phone has a dual-screen accessory that makes it easier for perverts to hide evidence of their (LG!) phone-enabled crimes. The woman apologizes to the man, who then ends the commercial by reviewing his pictures and pumping his fist in triumph over the woman’s right to bodily autonomy.


Phone Arena covered the ad, which was used for a TikTok campaign, and posted the unsurprisingly quick decision LG made to delete and disavow what it calls an “ill-conceived video.” A statement from the company apologized “for any offense” and says the LG Poland clip “failed to follow the proper approval process for social media content” and “did not live up to the standards and policy of LG Electronics.”

While we’d feel confident declaring this the Worst Commercial Of The Year, let’s remember that we’re still a little less than halfway through 2020 and that the depravity of brands can never be underestimated. Who knows, after all, what kind of sick shit Planters will soon let us know Baby Nut is into.


[via Boing Boing]

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