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Hot on the heels of this morning's announcement that Demetri Martin would get his own show, Variety is reporting that Comedy Central has greenlit The Root Of All Evil for fellow Daily Show vet Lewis Black, a "debate"-oriented skein taking place in a faux-courtroom setting where a rotating group of comedians will pit people or topics against each other and argue for their "client" as the root of all evil, with Black making the final judgement call. (Proposed topics so far include "Paris Hilton Vs. Dick Cheney" and "Michael Vick Vs. Michael Richards".) While none of the participating comedians have been announced, the pilot promisingly featured Greg Giraldo squaring off against Patton Oswalt—and around here, whenever we're not slavishly adoring Judd Apatow, we're usually offering to have dozens of little Patton Oswalt babies—so this might actually be good. By the way, this marks the second Daily Show spin-off of the day; John Oliver and Rob Riggle are probably wrestling each other right now.


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