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LeVar Burton is also coming back to Community

Donald Glover’s reduced presence in the upcoming season of Community suggests that his character will, ideally, complete the growth he’s demonstrated over the past four seasons, bringing a sense of closure to Troy’s story that will ameliorate his departure by establishing that he’s on a newer, more mature path. Or, maybe he’s just going to spend the rest of the season crying in the bathroom, now that we know LeVar Burton is coming back.

The Star Trek and Reading Rainbow star posted a series of Twitter photos today announcing his return to Greendale, including some where he’s posing with Joel McHale and a (commendably not freaking out) Glover. While the specific details of his cameo are still a mystery, one hopes Burton returns to find Troy a changed man who’s realized he can go anywhere and be anything (take a look, it’s in a book), and his ability to finally have dinner with his hero signals it’s time for Troy to spread his wings and fly. For now we just have these photographs to offer our wild speculation. Fortunately, you can’t disappoint a photograph. [via PopCultureBrain]


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