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Letterman’s victory lap continues with Bill Murray, Foo Fighters, and a big-ass cake

With David Letterman’s final Late Show happening tonight, the talk show host’s victory tour continues unabated. Last night, the 68-year-old chatterbox was visited by old pal Bill Murray, who entered the stage by tumbling out of an oversized cake, encouraged Letterman to “cannonball” Slovenian vodka straight out of the bottle, and ran into the streets of New York in an attempt to drum up enough support that Letterman would keep doing his show. (Spoiler alert: It didn’t work.)

Other highlights from last night’s show include a warbling Bob Dylan making his first Letterman appearance in 22 years and an insanely charming and hilarious appearance from Hello Deli operator Rupert Jee, who’s been a longtime friend and neighbor to the show.

So far, most of the guests for tonight’s final Late Show are a mystery, though word came this morning that Letterman’s favorite band, Foo Fighters, will perform one last time.

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