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Letterman and McCain make nice. Maybe.

Back on September 24th, when Republican Presidential candidate John McCain dramatically "suspended" (quotation marks intended) his campaign in order to devote himself to working on a $700 billion bailout package to save America's floundering economy, he also cancelled a scheduled appearance that night on The Late Show with David Letterman. Letterman did not take the news well and spent much of the evening laying into McCain, and embarrassed the candidate by showing a live feed of McCain getting touched up for an interview with Katie Couric that same night on his network. Here's a compilation of the zingers:

Now, Letterman and McCain are scheduled to make nice (maybe) on The Late Show this Thursday. The reconciliation comes at a difficult time for McCain, whose poll numbers have been sliding of late. Letterman has jokingly claimed that the road to the White House leads through him, so perhaps McCain can use the momentum from Wednesday's final Presidential debate and reverse his fortunes. Given that McCain has always been one of the more entertaining and irreverent political talk-show guests around—at least when he's not grubbing furiously for votes—it should be fun. Or awkward. In either case, compelling.


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