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Style is a tricky thing, even if you’re famous. Take stand-up star John Mulaney, whose on-stage look tends to go with a very straightforward, very classic, “I am a man in a nice suit, telling you some jokes” sort of vibe. Which is apparently not enough for Queer Eye star Tan France, who endeavors in the premiere episode of his Netflix social series Dressing Funny (all about helping comics change up their looks) to transform Mulaney into a more “fuckable,” Pete Davidson-y take on himself. (And if fuckable is in quotes there, it’s only because Mulaney and France say it roughly two dozen times across the 12-minute episode.)


Mulaney, of course, is game for all of it, combining a sincere desire to change up his look with a finely-honed taste for the absurd. And while he can’t quite buy France’s assertion that a pink linen suit elevates him from “fuckable” to certifiably “hot,” he’s still willing to let the fashion consultant dress him up in his best Davidson-lite look, inspired by a time when the two comics—long-time friends who frequently tour together—switched outfits before a show. In other words, it’s a delight pretty much from start to finish, even if it does set a high bar for the series’ other episodes—including Tina Fey, Nick Kroll, and Davidson himself—to follow.

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