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Let's trace the evolution of The Office's Jim Halpert via his haircuts

That Jim Halpert became one of TV’s most beloved leading men is even more impressive when you consider he started out with a pretty embarrassing haircut. To be fair, Jim’s floppy, unkempt hair was clearly an intentional choice designed to give The Office the realistic, unglamorous feel of a real-life office. But once Jim started to evolve as a character, his hair evolved alongside him. The Ringer calls this phenomenon “Hairacter Development,” and this three-minute video narrated by Katie Halliwell breaks down the popular TV trend as it relates to Mr. Halpert. The video even provides this graphic to make the whole thing feel a little more scientific:

Illustration for article titled Lets trace the evolution of iThe Office/is Jim Halpert via his haircuts
Screenshot: The Ringer

Though The Ringer video focuses on Jim, it notes that “Hairacter Development” applies to a whole bunch of other beloved TV characters too. Those include not only fellow Office characters Michael Scott and Andy Bernard, but also Adam from Girls, Andy from Parks And Recreation, Dean from Gilmore Girls, and Seth from The O.C. Further study is clearly needed to see how this trend affects female characters, although this Racked article about “The Hair” is a good place to start.

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