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Let's take a peek inside the bogus airport where Hollywood films most of its big airplane scenes

Airplanes are a versatile tool in the screenwriter’s arsenal: They get characters from place to place, they can crash dramatically, they can get filled with inexplicable, profanity-inducing snakes. But they’re also kind of a nightmare to film movies in, on account of really only being designed for the one thing: Cramming as many people as possible into a little tube and hurling them into the sky, without much considerations for stuff like camera equipment and crews.

Which is why very few movies and TV shows film on actual planes, instead opting for specialized sets. Instead of building their own every time It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia wants to stick the Gang on a plane, though, producers typically turn to the folks at niche studio Air Hollywood, which maintains a whole fake airport full of reassembled aircraft in Los Angeles for all your various flight-faking needs.


YouTube channel Insider recently took a tour of Air Hollywood’s facilities, from the fake terminal that’s featured in any number of tearful cinematic farewells, to a “private jet” favored by rappers filming opulent videos on a budget (and also David Lynch). We get a look at just how modular these planes can be, allowing luxury seats to be swapped out quickly for the tiny little hell cubicles most of us have to put up with when he head into the air. There’s also a neat look at the technical side of things, as they demonstrate how, say, Lost engineered the dramatic turbulence of its famous opening crash sequence.

Plus, they’ve got the cockpit from Airplane! Surely that’s gotta be worth the price of admission alone, right?

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