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Let's take a look at what David Lynch is working on today

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Screenshot: David Lynch Theater (YouTube)

David Lynch has been keeping very busy. Since the beginning of the year, he’s released a short film for Netflix (and helped get the word out about its monkey-performed soundtrack), raised money for charity by offering virtual coffee dates, filmed himself giving daily weather updates, and uploaded another short from a few years back on YouTube. Now, as if all of that wasn’t enough, Lynch has shared a new video simply entitled: “What Is David Working On Today?”

In what we hope is the first of many video diaries, Lynch makes good on the title by showing what he was working on... well, yesterday. Standing in an outdoor shop, he describes his latest project, which involves fixing a wooden sink and finishing up some furniture varnishing. There isn’t much more to say. “I had to put a new bottom in because the old one rotted out,” the famous director and artist explains, motioning at the sink while detailing exactly how he’ll go about the task.

“Have a great day, let me know what you’re working on,” Lynch says by way of a sign off.

At one point in the short video, Lynch says he hopes to have finished up the sink within the day. Now, knowing that, we have to wait in suspense to see if he pulled it off. Will he spend Friday devoted entirely to varnishing that stand from yesterday or still be figuring out how to deal with that sink? All this and more—including what the weather’s like in Lynch’s neck of the woods—will, we hope, be revealed before the day is out.


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