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Let's see who can make the Spider-Man: Far From Home IMAX poster even worse

Photo: Jay Maidment (Sony Pictures Entertainment)

It’s difficult for the outside viewer to surmise what could have happened with the Spider-Man: Far From Home IMAX poster. Against the type of European outline background you’d be likely to find on a Trapper Keeper, we have a large traditionally costumed Spider-Man; a smaller, upside-down Spider-Man; Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury and Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio as a pair of MCU bookends; and a mysterious blue frame trying desperately to pull the whole thing together. It fails. The poster doesn’t even have Zendaya on it. Or Tom Holland, for god’s sake.


What was it: An online Photoshop training exercise? A pet project of the boss’ nephew? Someone forgot that Samuel L. Jackson and Jake Gyllenhaal were supposed to be on the poster and just shoved them in at the bottom there?

At any rate, many Spider-fans have undertaken their own Photoshop projects to offer possible poster “improvements.”


User @JUMPCUT_ONLINE offers some posters featuring fan art, which are actually amazing. Far From Home doesn’t open until July 2, so maybe there’s time for a new round of movie posters. We recommend contacting these artists below.


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