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Let's see how much fake money we can donate to that sad Last Jedi remake campaign

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It was with both a heavy heart and a delightful sense of schadenfreude that we recently reported on the “fan” campaign to remake The Last Jedi, arguably the best Star Wars film since the original trilogy but definitely the best at inciting ire from people who seem to deeply misunderstand how movie franchises work.


Since that pledge drive first launched, the people behind it have only gotten more worked up about how this series of films involving space lasers and people trying to do the right thing in the face of overwhelming odds has “betrayed” them, launching a self-proclaimed rebellion against Lucasfilm. Curiously pledging their “merchandise” against the media company, these fans have demanded the filmmakers stop ... well, we’re not entirely sure, but it seems like women having agency in these films is pretty high at the top of the list of things they don’t care for, given they’ve interpreted the last couple of films as promoting “inferior masculinity,” presumably because Poe made a mistake, and for sure ignoring basically all of the heroism of Finn and others. But of all these moves, the ones that makes us the happiest (in a simple, “Well, you tried, fellas” way) is the setup of the remake’s fundraising website:

Yes, all they want is the implication of money, not actual money, and as a result, the site has almost certainly been flooded by people thrilled at the idea of goofing on something which for obvious legal reasons is a total non-starter. It gives you a place to enter your email address and a drop-down menu from which to select a donation amount, ranging from $10 to $10,000. Aside from the question of why anyone would select $25 when they could be tossing $10,000 into this digital hat, it has led us at The A.V. Club to attempt a game of one-upsmanship when it comes to who would donate to this cause, and what their email handles would be. Once we got past the necessary first move of contributing 10k from “fart@fart.com” (the initial story was accompanied by our donation of $10,000 from “lol@noway.com”), we decided to see how much bogus cash we could collectively raise. Thanks to some hard work, we’re currently around half a million dollars, from such noble concerned citizens as:

  • SexierChewbacca@wookieemal.org
  • PorgRights@aol.com
  • RianJohnsonMadeMeWatchWomenBeToughYuckYuckYuck@breitbart.net
  • BobaFettOriginStory@yahoo.com
  • MaybeTheFirstOrderShouldWin?@harvard.edu
  • greedo_shot_first@startrekfans.com

And so on. (We also made sure to donate a sensibly conservative ten dollars from RealTedCruz@congress.gov.) Feel free to join in the fun—we’d love to see the remake, currently sitting pretty with $370, 447,540 as of this moment, hit the billion-dollar mark, thereby definitely validating this movement and not at all exposing its hollow idiocy through good old-fashioned reductio ad absurdum. Viva la rebellion!

Alex McLevy is a writer and editor at The A.V. Club, and would kindly appreciate additional videos of robots failing to accomplish basic tasks.