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Let's scrutinize these new Mad Men promo photos for more clues about stuff we probably already know

Following up on yesterday’s list of almost-revelations about the next season of Mad Men, here are some promo stills you can further scrutinize for hints of what to expect. A clearly perturbed Don Draper, surrounded by the women in his life—including a much older, equally pensive Sally—gazes elsewhere at a giant metaphor. On the first steps of stairs leading somewhere much higher, Peggy sits with her arms crossed defiantly while her former mentors stand, implicitly sneaking out from underneath them. As his hairline recedes like the patriarchy fleeing in defeat, Pete’s sad sideburns creep towards his chin, like a tightening noose of a life lived in quiet desperation. Fat Betty is gone. Joan looks pretty. Roger's smoking. It’s all right there, people.


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