The approaching Labor Day weekend doesn't just offer a chance to celebrate your good fortune to have a job by not doing it. It also heralds an end, at last, to the stagnancy of summer—unless, like me, you live in Texas, where summer should end just in time for Thanksgiving—and the promise of a new fall harvest of episodes of TV shows we like to watch. And of course, Labor Day weekend also means that most people have mentally (and, in the case of The A.V. Club office, physically) checked out already. So screw it, let’s just watch some TV previews. Here are some extensive looks at the upcoming seasons of Parks And Recreation and Community, two shows we like quite a bit, and a lot of you seem to like to, a few dissenters aside.

In the former, you’ll get your first look at Patricia Clarkson’s no-longer-mythical “Tammy 1,” who arrives at the same time as the moonshine-toting “Tammy 0” (Paula Pell). Unfortunately you'll have to go watch this longer, unembeddable preview to see Pell, and the “old-fashioned prairie drink-off” she and Clarkson get into over the rights to Ron Swanson’s immortal soul. In the latter, you’ll see the recently added John Goodman terrorizing Jim Rash’s Dean Pelton, and scenes from what appears to be a splashy musical number. Honestly, the odds are many of us are going to spend a lot of Labor Day weekend watching TV anyway, so we may as well start right now.