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Let's get Friday Night Lights' Zach Gilford an Emmy nomination already

Echoing the sentiments of always-insightful pop-culture commentators everywhere, PopEater has finally launched a Facebook campaign that we can fully get behind: getting Friday Night Lights’ Zach Gilford an Emmy nomination. Gilford has long turned in stellar work as Matt Saracen, the Job of high-school football, but his performance in the June 4 episode “The Son,” as PopEater points out, was one of those transcendent acting moments that can “make us remember how powerful the medium can be,” with Gilford taking the television-standard “a death in the family” plot and giving it laudable complexity—capturing the “emotional white noise,” as our own Keith Phipps put it, with a dexterity of which few actors are capable. Of course, we recognize that Facebook campaigns have little to no bearing on Emmy nominations, and that the Academy has a history of ignoring Friday Night Lights anyway, and that this award will probably go to someone on Damages or something. But now that Boston Legal is over, maybe Gilford can finally get William Shatner’s perennial spot?


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