The premiere of the first half of Breaking Bad's final season isn't until July 15, leaving plenty of time to parcel out information about the initial eight of these 16 closing chapters in similarly piecemeal fashion. For instance, we've already seen Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul asserting that crazy things are happening while standing on a street where, demonstrably, nothing at all crazy was happening. Today we see the below, slightly more evocative poster, which at the very least gives you some idea of where Walter White's head is at these days, in case his declaration of "I won" last season didn't make it clear.

The poster is indeed pretty triumphant, with Walter striking a kingly, menacing pose from a throne—in an ironic callback to his humble desert beginnings—improvised from an aluminum lawn chair. There are some other symbols of his new attitude that you can pick apart—notably that machine gun hidden just out of sight, which may explain why he's apparently content to just scatter a bunch of hundreds around an abandoned warehouse. Given the firepower, those huge stacks of money, and Walter's Ghostface Killah-approved Wallabees, surely this image is destined to soon be immortalized in velvet, where it can hang next to the Scarface hook-rugs in the homes of hip-hop stars.