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In the grand pantheon of science fiction characters, few can hold a pointy-eared candle to Spock, the mononymous, green-blooded superstar of the Star Trek world. Played for decades by the legendary Leonard Nimoy—and replicated with reasonably winning charm by Zachary Quinto in the J.J. Abrams reboot films—the character is one of the cornerstones of space and any/all of its various final frontiers. Now, a third actor has been cast into the “fascinating” little fraternity of actors who’ve played everyone’s favorite half-Vulcan, with news today that Star Trek: Discovery—which has long teased a possible appearance from protagonist Michael Burnham’s adopted brother—has tapped Ethan Peck to step into the certain-to-be-scrutinized part.

Peck, shirtless and swinging a torch, in the trailer for 2014's Eden.

Peck—grandson of Gregory—is a prolific but relatively little-seen performer, whose past credits include a few appearances on Madame Secretary and a regular role on the CW Seed show I Ship It. (He’s also, per Wikipedia, the actor who gave Mary-Kate Olsen her first on-screen kiss. Oooooooh!) Per Variety, he’ll now be stepping into Spock’s raised eyebrow and sardonic little smirks for a role on the CBS All Access show’s second season, which is set to air in 2019.


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