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Let's all pray for a Dwayne Johnson/Joe Manganiello D&D movie, if only because it would drive Vin Diesel insane

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Dwayne Johnson is a busy dude, something we’re mostly pretty grateful for. After all, Johnson’s well-regimented workload is generally stocked up with things that make his fans happy: Stuff like working out, talking shit, and making roughly 20 big action blockbusters a year, all of which inevitably end up making giant mountains of money for everybody involved. Still, Johnson’s pace can occasionally break our hearts a little, like when it brings with it the suggestion that he had to pass up something juicy, like a Dungeons & Dragons movie penned by sexy dancing mega-nerd Joe Manganiello.


Manganiello’s love for dragons and the dungeons what house them is well-documented; we’ve written before about not only his passion for the game, but also the script for a D&D movie he’s been working on for a few years. In fact, said script is what brought the Magic Mike 2 star into Johnson’s (possibly literal) orbit; Manganiello was in talks with director Brad Peyton about it, when Peyton invited him to come down and appear in his current Johnson movie, Rampage. According to Manganiello, Johnson was also in talks at some point or other for the film—presumably as a kind of heroic warrior troll, or maybe a mountain—but it was left vague as to whether those discussions eventually fell through.

That’s a real shame for any number of reasons, but most especially—as noted by SlashFilm—for how it would have driven Johnson’s now-former Fast & Furious co-star Vin Diesel absolutely insane. The well-known tabletop player has frequently expressed his desire to star in a Dungeons & Dragons movie, going so far as to claim a few years ago that the game’s co-creator, Gary Gygax, had wanted the actor to “tell his story.” We can only imagine the potential Big Man Tantrums the entertainment world would have been treated to if Johnson had signed on to star in a D&D movie in his place.

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