Besides that initial spate of knee-jerk reactions to casting or tinkering with established mythology, few steps in the process of adapting a comic-book character to the screen are as satisfyingly Internet rage-inducing as that first early glimpse of the costume. Or rather, it used to be, until The CW learned a lesson from NBC’s Wonder Woman, and opted for a subtler, murkier mood for this new promo shot of its upcoming Green Arrow series Arrow (It's just zingier!), which practically dares you to find fault—or even detail—in the updated look for billionaire bowhunter Oliver Queen. Designed by frequent Tim Burton collaborator Colleen Atwood, the costume is supposed to reflect, in director David Nutter’s words, the “real, believable world in which Oliver Queen can do incredible things,” which we guess is why there’s a lot of leather, because leather is real. Anyway, not much else to look at and extrapolate assumptions from, but here’s the full photo anyway. He is definitely green and in possession of arrows. [via Deadline]