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Let's all pass premature judgment on Entertainment Weekly's group photo of The Avengers

On this dreadfully slow entertainment news day, let us look forward to a more robust harvest time, when the cycle of superhero franchises begins anew, by staring at this recently released Entertainment Weekly cover featuring The Avengers, then making complaints based on how it fails to live up to certain, very specific expectations, or casting wild speculation about the quality of a movie that isn’t even done yet. The all-star team Photoshop-assembles in the below collage, which features everyone you’ve already seen in some form or another, with the exception of Mark Ruffalo’s Incredible Hulk, appearing here in his more anticlimactic, yet still oddly pissy Bruce Banner guise. (Don’t make him sultry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s sultry.) Anyway, there are a few more on-set photos here, which reveal that there will be both grim staring and people shooting things in this movie.

Illustration for article titled Lets all pass premature judgment on emEntertainment Weekly/ems group photo of emThe Avengers/em

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