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Here is your first look at British person Henry Cavill usurping the character of Superman from red-blooded Americans, his pomaded hair slicked with the tears of patriots, his, um, thighs bulging with crumpets. Actually, like most early production stills released well in advance of blockbuster superhero pictures—this one now two long years away—this first glance at the Man Of Steel doesn’t offer much to judge preemptively beyond Superman’s costume, so let’s do that. It’s reminiscent of the classic, retro red-yellow-and-blue ensemble, but also boasts that molded-latex construction so popular among today’s superheroes who value shininess over breathability. And of course, the murky, shadows-and-sparks-and-smoke-strewn lighting scheme here suggests that, yep, Zack Snyder is directing this picture, though we could really use a charcoal streak of sweat to confirm.


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