As the Mad Men season draws to a close, sadly bringing with it a temporary end to the fun of wild speculation about the show, Jared Harris has charitably provided another thing to freak out about pointlessly. The actor was interviewed by The Daily in the wake of [SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE WHO DIDN'T SEE SUNDAY'S EPISODE AND THUS PROBABLY SHOULDN’T BE READING THIS YET ANYWAY] Lane's suicide—a plot turn that would seem to be the most dramatic exit the series could possibly serve up this year, except for the fact that Harris seemed to kinda, sorta suggest that Elisabeth Moss's Peggy is similarly gone for good, if you wanted to make that interpretation. "Elisabeth left the episode before and she’d been there since the beginning," Harris said by way of explaining why the cast and crew didn't throw a party to commemorate his exit from the show, adding, "People leave and it’s just part of it."

When pressed as to whether he was suggesting that Peggy was, essentially, now "dead" to the show herself, rather than merely off pursuing new opportunities with guys in progressive turtlenecks, Harris appeared to hesitate a bit which OH MY GOD HE IS TOTALLY COVERING UP FOR SOMETHING, saying, "Um… I have no idea what Matthew Weiner intends to do and even then I couldn’t tell you." Indeed, it seems very unlikely that Harris knows anything definitive about Weiner's intentions or Peggy's fate, and that this was just an unfortunate comparison on his part, likely made because Moss is temporarily scaling back her Mad Men work to facilitate other projects, such as a role in the BBC miniseries Top Of The Lake. But then, this wouldn’t be Mad Men if we weren't all jumping to huge conclusions based on some offhand remark.