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Let's all briefly indulge Brad Pitt's announcement that he's quitting acting in three years

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Taking a cue from his Ocean’s 11 director Steven Soderbergh, Brad Pitt has hinted at a retirement that he can now spend endless months backtracking from, then reaffirming, and occasionally blaming on a drunk Matt Damon. “Three years” is how much longer Pitt now says he’d like to continue acting, putting that expiration date out there in the universe while being interviewed by Australia’s 60 Minutes (where Australia’s version of Andy Rooney is currently on part 23 of his series on what the dingoes did to his garden). Pitt says that by that time, he’ll be 50 and ready to focus instead on “the producing side and development of stories and putting those pieces together,” as well as spending more time watching Angelina Jolie hold babies, including the babies he says they might still pick up, like perhaps if they come across some nice ones while on vacation. Honestly, you can probably take Pitt’s avowal to quit acting as seriously as Jolie’s similar announcement from over the summer—in fact, he's already backed off somewhat, saying there isn't an "exact deadline"—but you can be assured that, like Soderbergh, Pitt will now spend every single interview answering questions about it.


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