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John Mulaney is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend. David Byrne of the Talking Heads and, well, being David Byrne, is the musical guest. No, SNL isn’t very good these days, but if this pair can’t elevate it, no one can.

Below, watch a handful of promos featuring the pair and cast member Heidi Gardner, who you may recognize as teen film critic Bailey Gismert or one of the show’s best impressionists. They’re very charming, with Byrne adorably flexing his comedic chops in his quest for more puppet-based humor.

Mulaney is fresh off his excellent Sack Lunch Bunch special, while Byrne is wrapping up a 20-week Broadway run of American Utopia, a live extension of his 2018 LP. He’ll begin a 17-week return engagement in New York City this September. Spike Lee apparently filmed it, with a plan to release it later this year.


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