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Let's all be in the new Bill & Ted movie, because that's apparently an option

Perhaps in this one, the characters can time travel back to the premiere of Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey.
Perhaps in this one, the characters can time travel back to the premiere of Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey.
Photo: Ron Galella (Getty Images)

We’ve spent so long talking about the possibility of a third Bill & Ted movie, the fact that it has now arrived still seems like a vaguely surreal hallucination, not unlike the sight of George Carlin in comically oversized clothing. Yes, much as God gave rock and roll to you, he is now giving you the conclusion of a trilogy about two dimwitted headbangers, albeit several decades after the first two films. And now, we’ve learned there’s a chance to be in this third installment—so clearly, we should all do that.

The website partyonwithbillandted.com touts the idea right at the top of the page: “Be a most excellent part of our movie!” It seems the makers of Bill & Ted Face The Music are looking for clips of people “rocking out” (kids these days and their hip slang!) to a short demo track—provided you follow all appropriate social distancing safety guidelines, of course—that will then be edited into the final version of the movie. The site has posted a short excerpt of a song from the movie, only about 30 seconds long, but we’re pleased to report that the music meant to unite all humanity in global harmony sounds an awful lot like Andrew W.K.

The instructions are bare-bones simple: The producers would like you to film yourself and whoever you’re currently in lockdown with (“family, friends, pets, and any dudes you’re isolating with” is the precise language, so we’ll assume the inclusion of “dudettes” is implied), shot in front of “the most interesting setting you can.” Unfortunately, there’s only one Mariah Carey mansion, but hey, still plenty of other possibilities. As far as sartorial choices, they want you to be yourself, unless you don’t like that idea, in which case go nuts and pick an outfit from any time or place throughout history. (The first movie was all about time travel, remember? The second one, not so much.) Instruments are encouraged, as is air guitar, or the execution of awkward body movements that future generations will be informed was known as “dancing” in our time. Also, sorry, rest of the world—U.S. and British residents only. Bill and Ted’s music may unite the whole planet, but apparently it can’t transcend basic legal restrictions.


We wish all of you the best of luck in becoming a part of this movie. We’d like to say we’re optimistic that every last one of us can get our videos included, but in all honesty, some of us here at The A.V. Club aren’t so good at acting enthusiastic in front of a camera.

Alex McLevy is a writer and editor at The A.V. Club, and would kindly appreciate additional videos of robots failing to accomplish basic tasks.

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